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  1. Mission statement
  2. Age level guidelines

    2.1      12 years

    2.2      13 years

    2.3      14/15 years

    2.4      16 years to open age

    2.5      WDNA representatives

  3. Centenary Levels of Experience
  4. WDNA & National Accreditation Levels
  5. Umpire Support System
  6. How to become involved
  7. CNC Umpire Payment Structure
  8. Resources


  1. Mission statement


Centenary Netball Club is committed to teaching the current rules of netball in liaison with Netball Australia to all members.

Centenary Netball Club is dedicated in the development and support of all level umpires, runners and support people. 

All players are encouraged to umpire, to not only develop a new and valuable skill, but also to enhance their understanding of the game.


2. Age Level Guidelines

2.1   12 Years 2017

It is expected that every 12-year develop a sound knowledge of the rules of netball. This is to be achieved through the team coach, attendance of the basic umpiring course, facilitated by the club, and the completion of the online umpires exam. All 12 years are encouraged to umpire at training games. Once completing the online theory exam, they will be allocated at least 2 games throughout the season (in succession when possible) with a runner.

 2.2      13 years 2017

This year level will continue to develop their umpiring skills based on individual goals. New players will be encouraged to follow the same pathway as indicated for the 12 years. Beginner (BLUE) umpires are able to provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the club, to receive further mentoring and game practice with goals of progressing to the Club level of Intermediate (RED) and achieving association level badging, (Silver and Gold) 

2.3        14/15 years 2017:

All players within this age group are welcome to complete the EOI to enhance their levels or start on their journey to becoming an accredited umpire. Further individual achievements will include progression to Club level of Advanced (White) and also national accreditation.

2.4         16 years to Open age:

 All players are welcome to join the Umpire Development at any age or any level. Umpires who have already obtained a National Badge are always welcome to coach or support umpires who are enhancing their level of experience.

2.5      WDNA Representatives:

It is understood that all representative players require an extensive knowledge of the rules of the game to enhance their own individual playing skills.  This is achieved through umpire development as well as experienced coaching.  Centenary Netball Club encourages all representative players to be a part of the umpire development program.



  1. CNC LEVELS of EXPERIENCE: Beginner (blue) Intermediate (red) Advanced (white)


    BLUE (Beginner):


    Beginners of any age, familiar with the rules, are getting ready to take the online theory exam, and readiness to umpire low-level games with a runner.

    Coaching will include:

    • ?Basic Umpire course (Club) 60 minutes
    • ?Weekly practice approx. 15 mins during team training sessions.
    • ?Runner support for full games during the season, minimum of 2 games usually during Saturday fixtures.
    • ?Mentoring in preparation to complete the online theory exam.


      RED (Intermediate):


      Has passed online theory exam (70%), has attended basic training sessions and is ready to umpire competitive games on a regular basis (minimum of 4, usually 6 or more) with support. Games can include Saturday fixtures as well as carnival games where available. These umpires have Association Gold or Silver Award and receive payment for most games, providing they are umpiring to their achieved level.

      Coaching will include:

  2. WDNA & Netball Australia Levels

    Western Districts have Silver and Gold Awards for umpires who display good umpiring techniques on their way to obtaining National Accreditation. These levels are assessed by the clubs senior umpires and tested when the umpire is ready. Any questions regarding Association levels will be directed to the Umpire Convenor.

    National Accreditation AA, A, B & C are all tested in accordance with the guidelines set down by Netball Australia. These levels are recognised Australia wide and provide a platform for payment at many levels. Further information can be found on the Netball Australia website.





  3. Umpire Support System


    RUNNER: A runner is someone who has a good knowledge of the rules of netball and can support a beginner umpire by being with them courtside while they are umpiring. The runner will often need to direct the umpire by moving up and down the court with them and giving feedback at each interval during the game. Their main role is to support the umpire and help them feel comfortable, positive reinforcement without blame; runners are used for BLUE level umpires.

    SUPPORT PERSON: When supporting an umpire it is important to remain off the sideline but close enough that the umpire is aware you are nearby in case they need assistance. Positive support is required during the breaks but a good knowledge of the rules is not required. This level umpire has had a reasonable amount of experience and will receive coaching from one of the umpire coaches on a regular basis.

    UMPIRE COACH:  An umpire coach has a comprehensive knowledge of the rules and the terminology used. They’re able to assess umpires at each level and determine key areas for improvement. They also determine the level of the game appropriate for each umpire and continue to monitor their progress.


  4. How to become involved:
  • ?Level 1 Umpires Course (WDNA) 3 to 4 hours
  • ?Weekly practice approx. 15-30 minutes during team training
  • ?Support person mentoring during games particularly before/after and during breaks.


    WHITE (Advanced):


  • ?Has passed both Online Theory exam and Level 1 Umpires course.
  • ?Achieved association Gold, working to obtain their National C badge
  • ?Umpires at age level division 1 or cadet/senior games.
  • ?Umpires regularly with coaching/feedback.
  • ?Plans to be tested for National level sometime during the season.
  • ?Weekly practice 30 mins or more during team training sessions.
  • ?Full (paid) games during the season 6 to 10 during Saturday or Monday night fixtures. Carnival games where available.


Umpires are important people ‘No umpire, no game’ The rules of netball are available for anyone, umpires can be male or female and of any age. If you would like to become involved Centenary are always in need of umpires, coaches, runners and support people. The club run courses throughout the year and subsidise any courses run by WDNA or QLD Netball. Apply through the EOI or email the club at anytime during the season.


7. CNC Umpire Payment Structure


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